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Our Criminal Defense and DUI law firm delivers powerful, compassionate defense backed by 30 years of getting acquittals, dismissals, and reductions in charges for our clients.

McGregor & Ernenwein, L.L.P.  is one of the most experienced and highly-reputable criminal defense law firms in Southern California. We vigorously defend our clients and put our vast experience and powerful credentials to work.

We Will Fight For You.

What People Are Saying About Us

  • "Highly Recommend!"

    We are very happy to have the help of Bruce McGregor for a particularly difficult case! He handled our case professionally and efficiently, and painstakingly worked with us every step of the way to let us know of our many options. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal attorney!
    – Christina H., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

  • "A Very Honest and Helpful Guy!"

    Robert Ernenwein handled business for me, gave me great advice regarding my case, step by step instructions on what to do. He seemed like a very honest guy. Also his staff was very helpful.

    – Dan D., Redondo Beach, CA

  • "Robert Did A Great Job!"

    Robert did a great job getting a difficult case dismissed on a motion before trial. He was able to run rings around the district attorney and get the judge to rule in our favor. I would recommend him highly to anyone.
    – Jay

  • "An Outstanding Criminal Lawyer!"

    Robert handled a case for me that could have been charged as a felony. Instead he had my initial court date postponed and was able to use his tremendous resources to have the case dismissed entirely. I would highly recommend this outstanding criminal lawyer to anyone.
    – Criminal Defense Client

  • "Competent and hard working"

    I recently found myself in need of a criminal defense attorney. Having several contacts in law enforcement I was directed to Robert Ernenwein. I called Ernenwein’s office on a Sunday night and left a message. Later that night, I was later contacted by Ernenwein. I explained my situation to Ernenwein who listen intensely and was sympathetic to my plight.
    – Mike A., Torrance, CA

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  • "HIGHLY recommended"

    I totally recommend Bruce and Robert to handle your court needs. Bruce recently handled a family member’s misdemeanor case with such professionalism. He got two charges dismissed and a reasonable disposition on the remainder. Bruce and Robert are very well-respected in various courthouses in the South Bay.
    – G.T., Carson, CA

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  • "Recommend him highly"

    Mr. McGregor is not just a defense attorney. He is a good man of impeccable ethics who went above and beyond in defending our son against false allegations. His faith in our son sustained him when he felt vilified by false accusations and gave him the courage to persevere when he felt hopeless despair.
    – Ryan P., Portland, OR

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  • "Priceless"

    I recently retained Matthew Rinaldi and Bruce McGregor of McGregor & Ernenwein to handle a potential legal matter. Although I had not been charged with a crime, I felt the need to consult a professional. To say the least I was confused and just could not handle the situation.
    – Michael C., Rancho Santa Margarita

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  • "They are Awesome!"

    My Husbands criminal charges were in 2005; my daughters 3 criminal charges, were recent cases in 2015. My 18 year old daughter was facing charges, that blew my mind. As distraught as I was, I automatically knew to contact Attorney Ernenwein because he handled my husband’s case successfully.
    – Erguiza C., Gardena, CA

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  • "You will be glad you did"

    My family suddenly and unexpectedly needed the services of a defense attorney.

    After searching Mr. Ernenwein came recommended to us by a friend. Upon speaking to Mr. Ernenwein a sense of pressure was lifted but it wasn’t over that easily.
    – Alice L., Torrance CA

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  • "Need help then call him!"

    Robert Ernenwein provided excellent legal representation for several members of my family over the past four years. In each instance he was extremely responsive and knowledgeable-even making himself available in the middle of the night.
    – Susan S., Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

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  • " I am thankful I called!"

    For the first time in my life I was in need of a good lawyer for my son who was charged with multiple crimes and if convicted would have resulted with spending time in prison. After a thorough search of attorneys in the south bay, I chose the law firm of McGregor & Ernenwein.
    – Marvin W., Gardena, CA

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  • "I am forever grateful"

    In 2008 I was facing a 4th Offense DUI charge . I called The Law Offices of McGregor & Ernenwein. I was sitting in County Jail feeling as hopeless and helpless as anyone could feel. Robert Ernenwein not only took my difficult case but, PERSONALLY CAME TO MY FAMILY HOME to offer his expertise and reassurance .
    – Robin F., Gardena, CA

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  • "Worth every penny of it"

    I could not have asked for a better more reputable and professional defense attorney than Mr. Ernenwein. I was facing 5 years in state prison with 3 open cases and about 15 outstanding felony charges. We went to trial and his demeanor,composure, and expertise as a crimal defense attorney was impeccable.
    – Jenn A., San Pedro, CA

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  • "Over satisfied"

    These people really know what they are doing. The entire staff was friendly and professional .Mr. Ernenwein regularly updated me on what was going on in my case. All the reviews I read were true they really are excellent at what they do. I would highly recommend.
    – Andrea H. Long Beach, CA

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  • "I highly recommend Mr. McGregor....!"

    My Son had a situation that had Bruce McGregor not been on the case the outcome could have been much different. Mr. McGregor represented my Son with a very Strong defense. His research into the case was done in a very detailed manner and his sincere concern for my Son was amazing..
    – Sonny A. Redondo Beach, CA

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  • "I was never charged"

    I recently retained Matthew Rinaldi and Bruce McGregor of McGregor & Ernenwein to handle a potential legal matter. Although I had not been charged with a crime, I felt the need to consult a professional. To say the least I was confused and just could not handle the situation.
    – Michael C., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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  • "Thank you Bruce and Robert "

    This place was a referral from a friend of mine. I spoke to them about my case and they said they could help right away. I went to their office the very next day. Their professionalism was to the highest I ever encounter. They were very respectful and understanding. In fact, their fee was very, very fair.
    – Tony S., Torrance, CA

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  • "Knowledgeable and a professional"

    Mr. Robert Ernenwein was outstanding in presenting my family members in a case last year. He was highly recommended to us by one of our friends. We met with him the same day we contacted his office and when we desperately needed to speak to a lawyer.
    – Cindy P. Torrance, CA

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  • "Outstanding representation"

    I highly recommend McGregor & Ernenwein to anyone in need of legal assistance for a criminal law matter here in Los Angeles and the surrounding counties. Over the past several years, I have developed a close relationship with both Mr. Ernenwein and Mr. McGregor.
    – Lawrence A., Torrance CA

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